Computer-Assisted Detection Platform for Bone Scintigraphy


Classifying the presence or absence of bone metastases

Filtering suspected areas of bone metastasis

How it works

Through artificial intelligence algorithms analyzing whole-body bone scintigraphy images, it assists nuclear medicine specialists in examining the distribution of hotspots. This aids in detecting potential bone metastases, while also highlighting suspected areas for reference by clinical physicians


Pre-EFAI > 20 MINS1

Post-EFAI < 30 SECS2
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Key benefit

Rapidly screening a large number of patients, constituting 80-90% of the total, for the absence of bone metastases allows for the allocation of more time to other tasks. This not only saves time but also reduces the medical burden.

Quickly and automatically generates estimated results and relevant reports, freeing up doctors' time to focus on delivering top-quality patient care and making informed treatment decisions

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骨閃爍X光圖_工作區域 1


Computer-Assisted Detection Platform for Bone Scintigraphy


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