Salary and Benefits

  • Set up a Salary Committee
  • Recruit and Hire in skill-based evaluation


Performance Evaluation
Education & Training
Occupational Safety
Internal Communication
Occupational Health
Human Rights

  • Determine salary and incentives based on company result and individual performance
  • Establish a opened. unbiased system of workplace communication to ensure employees’ rights
  • Follow Labor Safety and Health Act to ensure employees’ safety
  • Comply with local labor law and Value the quality in employment


Corporate Governance
Operation Performance

  • Reference to relevant policy to develop organization and department function/responsibility
  • Establish an independent audit office
  • Formulate a risk management guideline and mechanism
  • Hold regular meetings with salary committee and audit committe


Operational Information Disclosure
Investors’ Interest

  • Call shareholder meeting
  • Update company information in public and company website
  • Add contact information, both email and phone number are used for instant communication, contact:

External Service Provider (ESP)

Open Competitive Bidding

  • Committed to fair and green procurement
  • Request for ESP commitments to corporate society responsibility through service agreement or contract. To constrain ESP perform the agreed policies in accordance with the signed agreement, Everfortune Ai. has rights to terminate the collaboration once contract violation or any significant impact to our environment and society is found during the period
  • Contact:

Government and Regulatory Institution

Information Disclosure

  • Comply with government requirement and conduct and audit of company policy and operation regularly
  • Update company information in public and company website


Fair Competition

  • Participate industry events actively and aim to keep fair and peace competition


Social Obligations

  • Participate charitable event
  • Synergize local community context to promote the well-being of society and the environment


Environmental Sustainability

  • Adopt energy-saving and carbon-reduction measures